What’s My Skin Type?


How old are you?

How would you describe your skin when you wake up?

How often do you react to products?

How often do you breakout?

How often do you have pimple breakouts

Do you experience dryness through the day?

By the middle to end of the day is your skin dry or oily

Do have dandruff or excessively oily scalp?

People with dandruff and really oily scalp usually have oily/acne-prone skin

What skincare ingredient would your skin love?

Based on your skin's present condition, what ingredient in relation to its benefits in the bracket would really improve the condition.

How visible are your pores?

Pores/sebaceous filaments are usually very visible around the nose, under lips (chin) and sometimes forehead. Check if you notice tiny dots around those areas.

What is your major skin concern?

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to your skin. Constant pimples, roughness, over sensitivity, too oily or dark spots?

What's your preferred moisturizer type?

How heavy or light do you like your cream/lotion

What's My Skin Type?
Congratulations on Being God's favourite!

From your answers, you have a normal skin type! Yayy! You have no major skin issue, you might experience a few whiteheads or pimples every now and then put it hardly lasts beyond a few days. Your major goal is to maintain your already beautiful skin and prevent blemish. Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, a nice vitamin C serum, a lightweight moisturizer, SPF and you're about good to go.
You Got Dry Skin Type!

dry skin

You have a dry skin type! This means your skin doesn't produce the right amount of sebum to keep it hydrated and protected. Sebum is your skin's natural oil that helps maintain its natural protective barrier and keep it nice and healthy. You usually experience tightness and on most days it feels rough without adequate moisture. Sadly, you're prone to a dull complexion, early fine lines, and skin irritation. Avoid ingredients that further dry out your skin and hot showers and sun exposure. Don't skimp on your moisturizers, go heavy on them.
You Have An Oily Skin Type (Acne-prone)

The good news is, your skin produces enough sebum to keep it hydrated and maintain its natural barrier. The not so good news is that it goes overboard with the sebum production like a lot. Although, another good news is that due to your skin's active sebaceous glands, you need not worry about wrinkles or dull complexion. Another bad news is, you're prone to a lot of skin issues and more visible pores. You'll most likely have acne-prone skin as well. Stick to gentle cleansers as strong ones send your skin into panic mode making it double the sebum production (yikes). Also, use non-comedogenic substances to avoid clogging your pores further.
You Got Combination Skin Type

Your skin is the best of both worlds! No jokes. Your skin is a combination of an oily skin type and a dry skin type. Some areas are oily, like your forehead and nose. Others are rather dry and lack enough sebum, like your cheeks and eye area. You get frequent pimples on your forehead and have enlarged pores in those areas as well. You'll have to mix up your skincare products to effectively tackle the different regions and their concerns.
You have A Sensitive Skin Type

Now, you shouldn't think you have sensitive skin because of a bad history with a product or two. People with sensitive skin usually have a subtle reaction to practically every cleanser or mask. You constantly have to deal with itchy skin, stinging, redness, inflammation, rash, and the likes... in fact they're part of your day to day experience now. Avoid harsh products and rough exfoliants, you want to be as careful with your baby (your skin) as possible. Always do a patch test before using any product, never risk it.

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