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Top 5 Ingredients List Analyzers (Part 1)

If there’s one thing everyone still struggles with (unless you’re a medical professional) is understanding all the chemical gibberish on a product ingredients list.

Today I will be making your life a lot easier. Yes, I have come with a solution to all your problems in this life. Okay, maybe not all but all your skincare ingredients dilemma.

Not all of us have to be chemical geeks cause of skincare, and that’s okay.

Previously, I’ve talked (or written) non-stop on the importance of checking an ingredient label and missing BS products without one. Because of that, I made a post here on how to better understand ingredient labels, and I also made an ingredient list for certain skin concerns. That’s all great, but let’s be honest, it still doesn’t completely take away the confusion with certain chemical gibberish.

But like I said before, I have arrived with a solution cause I’m awesome like that. You’re welcome


The Solution

Some beautiful, smart and dedicated people created some sites and apps to make life easier for people like you and me. We call them ingredients list analyzers.

What these sites (or apps) do is that they help you break down the ingredients in any product. All you have to do is type in the product’s name (preferably before you buy) and they give you the list of its ingredients and functions.

This helps you determine which product is actually gold and which is hiding some fishy ingredients in their label.

Genius, right?

Without further ado, here they are!


Website Ingredients List Analyzers


INCI decoder

ingredients list analyzers

I’m starting with these guys because it’s the first one I found. And what I currently use as well. Unlike some other sites I’ll highlight on this post, INCI deals majorly in decoding skincare products.

When you search a product on this site, it gives you the ingredient list and what each of the ingredients do for your skin (even down to water). It also states if any of the ingredients could cause irritations.


INCI decoder makes things soo easy. It has a very clean and clear user interface that makes it very simple for anyone to navigate and find what they’re looking for.


You could either take a picture of the ingredient list, manually type it in, search a particular product, or learn more about certain ingredients.


A bit of a downside here for me is it doesn’t have an app cause I want to access this baby with just a click.




This is by far my favourite when it comes to details and good community content. Just like INCI, this site tells you what the ingredients do for your skin and if the product contains any parabens, sulfate and the likes.


SkinCarisma takes its game a little further by helping you pick the perfect product for your needs. It has a feature that lets you:

  • Select the type of product you want. E.g cleanser, serums, moistures, etc.
  • Select what you don’t want or want in a product. E.g parabens, minimal ingredients, sulfate, etc.
  • Select what you want the product to do for you. E.g anti-ageing, brightening, acne, etc.
  • Selects certain ingredients you don’t want, maybe because of allergies
  • And many more

It’s a very easy but detailed process, I highly recommend if you’re confused about what product to buy.


Not only does this site help you build your routine and serve as an ingredients list analyzer, but it also has a product comparison and reviews feature.


You should check it out.




ingredients list analyzer

This is another impressive site to have your ingredients analyzed. They have a wide database of popular beauty brands. Just like INCI, you can search a particular product, research on certain ingredients or analyze an ingredient list.


What I feel is this site major selling point is that it has a section for soap formulators as well. I don’t really understand the inner workings of everything because I can’t make soap (plan to learn) but it gives you all the necessary percentages with relation to the oil (or whatever) you decide to use (you can tell I don’t know what I’m saying here Lmao). Just go see for yourself.


Another strong point of this site is it also gives information on the ingredient market. Where to get certain ingredients and parts for packaging.

The downside of this site though, it has a very ugly user interface. The first time I stumbled on it, I was ready to pack my bags and ex the tab. But trust me, the content on it makes up for its looks.




ingredients list analyzers

The last of the ingredients list analyzers I recommend is Cosmily. Cosmily has quite a few similarities to SkinCarisma, it also has a feature that helps you pick the best product for your skin. It also has the option to analyze ingredients, read users review, read up a specific ingredient and compare products.

One thing I particularly like about Cosmily is that it states if a product can promote Malassezia (fungal acne, more on this soon) or clog your pores.

On the downside, the breakdown of ingredients functions isn’t as detailed as the others on this list. Cosmily is an excellent site to check if the ingredients in a product pose any threat to your skin.


App Ingredients List Analyzer

Think Dirty App

Think dirty is a very easy-to-use app. All you have to do is scan your product’s barcode, and it gives a rundown of the ingredients. What they do for your skin and help you determine if the product is harmful or clean.

This App is available on both Playstore for Android and Apple Store for IOS.


That’s it!

I hope you found this helpful. Checking the ingredients of whatever we put on our skin is very important in saving us a lot of pain and stress. This is the part one for general ingredients analyzers. There are other great apps for analyzing the ingredients list of your products, but some aren’t available in Nigeria and the other is down. I’ll give you an update on any changes.

Part two would be for special skin concerns like fungal acne, acne-prone skin, sensitive skin and the likes.

The sites in part 2 check your ingredients to make sure none of it will worsen your present concern. So, watch out for that one!


Bye for now!

Do you have ingredients list analyzers not listed here? Would like to know!



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