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How To Get Natural Ingredients In Nigeria




How do you get them?



One issue we face with at-home easy DIYs, is how to get natural skincare ingredients in Nigeria and quality ones too. You finally found that beautiful face mask recipe but where on earth are you going to find bentonite clay? Or you’ve been thinking of starting your own skincare brand for a while but have no clue where to get quality raw materials. Do you just go to the nearest market -Say, mile 1 for example- and start having to explain to the market woman that it’s not red clay you want? Or do you have to enter some random store and face the risk of buying cheap knock-offs?

Well, worry no more! Because that’s why my diary is here for you. I’ve compiled a list of trusted companies and stores with excellent reviews, where you can source your quality natural skincare ingredients in Nigeria. Mostly online, which is even better considering present circumstances.


In no particular order, here they are!



This listing particularly will excite those interested in starting their own skincare production business. As they have natural skincare ingredients ranging from kojic powder to grapeseed oil and everything in between, basically whatever you needed to kick-start your handmade skincare journey. And they are quite affordable too. Whether you want to try out that homemade mask or start a business, JULES has your back.

They have a store on Jumia and you can most likely find it on Konga too. So, you can get your items within a week or two depending on shipping circumstances.



Hemani Group (Established since 1949) is a US brand initially possessing vast experience in herbal trade. This later transferred to the production of herbal products to benefit consumers in the most natural way.

This is another natural brand you can trust to shop for your DIY skincare needs. Although I mainly patronize them for just their range of essential oils, I came to discover not too long ago that they have a wide range of production. Straying largely from just skincare.

In Nigeria however, we mostly and almost only come across their essential oils which are the key focus of this blog post. If you are searching for a reliable brand to source quality, Hemani is the way to go. They have a website (here is the link if you’d like to learn more), but that can be quite a hassle with expensive shipping fees and the rest. Instead, you can shop for Hemani on Jumia and Konga.





Next on our list of recommendations is Vanity Oils. Vanity Oils supplies 100% pure and natural carrier and essential oils. They are based in Lagos and ship everywhere in Nigeria (from the site). They produce everything from carrier oils to butter and everything in between. Including mixtures for hair and skin therapy. I have used none of their oils consistently (that’s changing soon) but I have friends who use nothing else, I’ve just had quick rubs here and there. And from testimonies, from my friends, their oils are precious.


You can purchase products from their online store

Or chat them up on Instagram




This is another listing that will excite those looking to start their own small-scale natural skincare line. They sell almost everything under the sun concerning natural skincare ingredients. Essential oils? Check! Butters? Check! Organic powders? Double-check! Herbal seeds? Check and check! Cosmetic instruments? Triple check! With an enormous customer base because of their quality materials, Sinach Organics is another stop to consider.


You can message them to order on Instagram

Or reach them through WhatsApp on


If you’re looking to start a business, you can check out their packaging page on Instagram



NOW is a US brand in the natural products industry, established since 1968. Although their products range from natural supplements to creams and even pet food. They also have a good range of quality essential oils for your skin’s nourishment. Typically, NOW is a fast-growing brand globally and find it in any reputable skincare outlet in Nigeria.

You can learn more about the brand on their website

Or shop some of their oils on Jumia

Or check them out on Instagram




Home for all things natural and pure! Anike naturals is, in fact, a skincare brand with its own range of products, in Mushin, Lagos. That being said, they also sell natural skincare ingredients, although more on the scale for DIYs than starting an actual brand. By that, you’re looking more along the line of turmeric powder, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and some essential oils, basic stuff. From experience, I can boldly tell you their product are quality, pure, and affordable depending on various sizes.

You can shop on their site

Or check them out on Ig



This would be one of those brands you’d say I took a leap of faith with. I hadn’t used or seen any of their products before I came across this one but I desperately needed chia seeds (if you’re wondering, chia seeds are anti-inflammatory and calm acne blemishes), I didn’t even know these things existed. You could say I was on a blind search. Then I stumbled on them and bought it, hoping I wouldn’t end up with any regrets. And I didn’t!

To my knowledge, I know Herbsconnect deal mainly in organic powders and seeds than anything else, so if that’s the department of naturals you’re searching for, you’re in luck.

You can shop for them on Jumia



Another place to source your natural skincare ingredients, on a larger scale, is Sophix Natural. They produce natural ingredients such as; carrier and essential oils, butter of all sorts, organic powders, and many more. They are based solely online.

You can contact them on WhatsApp

+234 706 111 1838

Or shop on Instagram




Estella’s Pride, another place for natural skincare ingredients in Nigeria. They are focused on providing the best and top quality to our customers. All our products are authentic, 100% pure and natural. Mother Nature has got us covered! (from the site).

They also deal on natural oils and butter, although you can find soaps and shampoos in their product range.  I’ve used their; tea tree oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and castor oil. Still use it to date and I have to say, they are nothing but wonderful.

You can partake in this wonderful experience by shopping their oils and butter on their site,

Or shop on Jumia


Have you made a purchase from any of these brands?






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