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Heyy people!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the first natural soap I bought went down before I could even say Dawn Robinson (yeah, I did that).

I honestly can’t remember what I expected, but I know it finished really fast. And I was like, will I keep spending 1,500 naira on a bar every 2 weeks. Add it up, that was a no-no for me, I’m sorry (not).

Anyway, by my next buy, I’d realized ways to make my natural soap last longer. And I’m talking close to a month or a month. It all depends really, but certainly not 2 weeks and less.


Why Do They Finish So Fast Though?

Well, it’s in the name, NATURAL. Most of these soaps, or at least the authentic ones, consist more of oils and herbs than preservatives and the other chemical hardening stuff.

Because of this, the shelf life (if that’s the word), is a lot shorter than your regular chemical stuffed bar soap (most chemical bar soaps).

And I mean for the size in the picture above, you can agree with me that a normal soap that size should take you a month plus without trying to make it last.


Make It Last

Tip 1 Cut it Up

This is like the obvious thing to do, I think a lot of people already do it. Cut your soap up into small chunks. It could be squares or rectangles, whatever is easier for you to work with.

I cut mine up in squares.


The best thing to use is a knife (what I use) or use a large scissors (harder this way). Again, it’s up to you.


Tip 2 Keep It Dry

Again, this is another obvious way to go. I mean, it applies to everything soluble. And a natural soap is really soluble (I mean it dissolves easily in water). If your soap dish is wet, damp or has a little (or a lot) residue of water, then that’s a no. You have to keep it dry (your soap, that is), so it doesn’t get soggy and melt fast.

You could get a soap dish with a strainer, I think most have this. Just so your soap isn’t sitting in water and wasting your money.

Also, you might want to move (If possible) your soap away from the shower or bath. Cause if it’s in there, there is no way that water isn’t getting to it.

For me, I have a soap rack installed in the wall beside my shower, so I can’t really move it around. I got a separate dish which I keep close to my sink cabinet (is that what it’s called). If that’s your situation, you could do the same.

The main aim here is just to keep it dry when you’re not using it.



Tip 3 Use a sponge (or Washcloth)

Now, I know many people do not really dig the idea of a sponge, but if you don’t mind, this is another good option.

We tend to use more substance when lathering up with our hands. Using more substance means your soap will obviously melt away faster. When we use a sponge, it lathers faster and keeps in more soap for most of your body (I don’t know if you get me).

Basically, a sponge or washcloth isn’t most people’s preference, but it’s really good to make your soap last and help you use less.


Tip 4 Make a ‘liquid soap’

First, before I go on with this method, bear in mind that this dilutes your soap a teeny-weeny bit. Just to put that out there.

Another thing to note before I go on, this ‘liquid soap’ won’t last very long (a week). So, you don’t need to or shouldn’t try to be ‘pinchy’ with your use. Its water mixed with oils and a lot of herbal stuff, bacteria will grow sooner or later.

You could add Tea tree oil or lemongrass oil, etc. (natural antiseptic) to help keep it a bit longer.


TO MAKE THIS all you have to do is grate up your natural soap into previously boiled and cooled water.

Add a teaspoon of tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil or any antiseptic essential oil really.

Mix it up and leave it overnight to blend/dissolve.

And it’s ready to use, just give it a brief shake first.



That’s It!

So yeah, four simple ways to make your natural soap last longer. These are easy, no brainers and best of all, they save your money!

Do you guys have other ways you make your soaps? I’d really like to know!

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