Hibiskus Ayurvedic Facial Scrub Review


Today I will be reviewing a product I’ve had for quite a while…


Ayurvedic Facial Scrub





Hibiskus Naturals is a proud producer of Ayurveda & Nature-inspired handmade beauty products for hair, bath, skin, and facial care. They make their products from natural & organic ingredients, sourced both from Nigeria & different parts of the world. They build on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda & rich diversity of plant life to develop top quality & effective herbal, natural cosmetics. Hibiskus Naturals products are inspired by nature & Ayurveda, handmade for you with love. (From their site).




I came across the Hibiskus Facial Scrubs while doing my routine school shopping for the semester. Two of its variations sat right beside the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque on the skincare aisle. The Ayurvedic and the Baobab. My initial plan was to buy the mint masque but I love trying new things and I’d never seen this brand before. I picked up both to have a look at the ingredients (always do this before buying a product. I’ll drop a post on things to look out for). I preferred the make-up of the Hibiskus Ayurvedic facial scrub, although they both had beautiful ingredients. It’s made in Nigeria. This sprung my interest even more. I just had to have it.



The Hibiskus Ayurvedic Facial Scrub comes in a sturdy plastic jar, the cover is also efficient. I’ve been using it for almost 4 months and so far despite my less than careful handling, it’s still intact. Also, it attracted me in the store, that being said it has a pretty packaging that’ll sit well on your shelf.

(Ignore my old Pack)


(I have to admit the listing unnerved me a bit, but I saw nothing to send of the warning lights)

AS LISTED: Powders of Oats, Rice, Chick Peas, Fenugreek, Triphala, Fennel Seed, Terminalia Arjuna Bark, Hemidesmus Indiscus, Rubia Codifolia, Neem leaf, Basil leaf, Lemon grass, Baobab fruit, Sugar, Shea Butter, E wax, Stearic Acid, Oils of Sea Buckthorn, Neem, Sesame, Turmeric, Sweet Almond, Cetyl Alcohol, Lanolin, Vitamin E, Tino Guard TT, Phenoxy Ethanol, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Basil and Orange.



Now, I don’t know whether to classify this as a pro or con. It has a very strong fragrance, nothing artificial but the smell of a mixture of herbal extracts with a slight underlining turmeric aroma, sets you up for one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Once you unscrew the cap, it engulfs the entire room with fragrance of spices and herbs. I know this can put many people off, my mum always says I’m putting soup on my face lmao. So, if you’re like me and aren’t bothered by the natural herby fragrance, please forge ahead but if your nose isn’t strong, I’d advise you to sit this one out (a bit of a loss on your part though).


It’s grainy and coarse, which I feared may not go well for some people with very sensitive skin. Plus, oily which I believe is because of the various essential oils. In summary, it’s not coming first in the pretty department, so if you’re after a pretty looking scrub to apply and put on your socials, maybe not this one. I’ve been using this for months now, and as you can see it’s almost time to hit their store.


The instructions read to wet face before application, which is a must because missing this step can lead to a gritty application which is not healthy for your skin. Personally, I didn’t mind the coarse texture, but I was gentler when applying. I had a few of my friends try it out, the most reaction I got was a red face from one (FYI she gets red after a bath too). No one had any skin reaction after application. Overall, I’d say the most reaction you’d get ranges from a tiny sting to a red face for some people. The sting goes away after a while if you leave it longer Iike I’m guilty of.

It proved slightly difficult to wash off. This is due to its rich oil content.



I have to commend this scrub for this. One thing quite several exfoliants are guilty of, is drying up your skin. With the Ayurvedic Facial Scrub though, I had none of it. My face felt baby smooth and the usual whiteheads I often get on my nose, cleared up. After applying this, you’d feel can model barefaced for vogue. It’s that effective!

Initially, I feared it might clog my pores, be too heavy, or something, but none of that too. My skin felt smooth and light after, and there’s definitely a noticeable glow after use. It really impressed me. I even started using it as body scrub and i loved how it made my legs feels.



The Ayurvedic Facial Scrub is an effective yet affordable facial scrub indeed, pricing at about 1,200 naira. It leaves the skin fresh, smooth, and glowing without breaking the bank. The packaging is pretty and sturdy. On the actual appearance of the scrub, it’s not the prettiest and also has a strong natural herby smell that some might find upsetting.

For some people with sensitive skin, it might be a little rough and you might find it hard to wash off unless you use warm water. I see myself just continuing using this as a body scrub (staying on the safeside).


Should You Get It?




Considering the fact that I ran into this beauty at the skincare department of the mall, I’d say you could get this at any reputable skincare and beauty shop or a mall like I did. You could also save yourself the hassle of leaving the comfort of your home and order it on their site.

Ayurvedic Facial Scrub


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