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Easy Lip Care Routine





We all want healthy-looking lips. Nice and full, soft and crack free. It’s because of this need that I see a lot of trashy pink lip cream manufacturers cashing out. By ‘trashy’, I’m referring to those that use substandard chemicals and materials which leave your lips dry and unnatural looking, not to mention boasting of instant change (been there! Done that! #darkdays).


As effective as a few of them might be (usually the natural ones), you need to understand that you can still achieve that healthy-looking lip without them. It’s all about changing your habits and developing a routine.


Before I list them out, note this. Pink lips are not the standard sign of healthy lips, some people because of genetics don’t have pink lips and that’s all right. If you check, in most cases, it suits you better without it (my opinion).


Pink lips are not the standard sign of healthy lips



As long as your lips haven’t deviated from the natural color, are soft, crack-free, chap free, and aren’t hard to touch, you’re on the right track.

With that out of the way, here is my easy care routine for a healthier lip



1. Remove your makeup (if any)

Make sure you remove all your lip makeup including lip gloss, as tempting as it easy to believe it’s as beneficial as a lip balm, it just isn’t. Not every lip balm has boast-worthy ingredients.

Your lips need time to breathe. Just as you remove the makeup from the rest of your face, pay attention to cleaning your lips too. You could use a damp cotton pad.


2. Scrub Your Lips

Exfoliating your lips twice a week can help remove dead cells and leave a softer version behind. You can buy a good lip scrub or make yours with honey and granulated sugar (check here for a simple plumping DIYs).


Another way to exfoliate your lip is by putting enough (and I mean enough enough) shea butter (Ori) or any lip balm, leave it on for 30 mins to a couple of hours then use a soft toothbrush to lightly scrub your lips.


Do either of these twice a week.


3. Moisturize those Babies

After exfoliating your lips, it’s important to keep those babies nice and moist. If you skip this step, the entire point of your lip care is in vain. And licking your lips doesn’t count as moisturizing, just so you know.


Use a good lip balm. My favorite is the Forever Aloe lips, Nivea’s lip balm is also an okay choice. Ensure you have a lip balm with you through the day to avoid licking your lips and to ensure they stay moist.

An effective lip balm should contain ingredients like vitamin E, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and the likes. You could also check here for easy DIYs.


4. Slather that Moisture before bed

I know I will practically repeat what I said previously, but I need to stress this. Apart from just putting on lip balm through the day, you need to layer that stuff on at night.

Just the way you’re advised to leave certain products on through the night to work its magic, do this for your lip too. On like through the day when you’re awake to easily reapply, your lips are defenseless at night.

Pack on that vitamin E oil or shea butter or whichever hydrating ingredient you choose. Put enough at night and let it work its magic.


5. Drink Enough Water!

In almost every case of dry lips, it’s usually a sign of dehydration. Your skin works to give you signs of what might be amiss in your body. And a dry or chapped lip is usually a sign you’re not getting enough water. (Sips water)

Drink enough water and keep your lips nice and moist (Hehe moist! I really like that word. Moist).


6. Massage those lips

Yeah, I know! I know! Weird thing to do, but in fact massaging your lips helps enhance blood flow in your lips, leaving it nice and healthy-looking. Use a good oil like coconut oil or shea butter (Vaseline works too) and just work your lips for 2-3 minutes.


Thank me later!


7. Ensure your lip products have SPF

Just as the rays of the sun can be harmful to the rest of our body, they can equally do our lips harm too.


Your lip balms and lipsticks should have a UVA- protecting ingredient like zinc oxide, for example.


8. Always apply a lip balm before your lipstick

Some lipstick formulas can really dry out your lips. Moisturizing with a good lip balm first not only keeps the lips moist but ensures a smoother and nicer application of your lipstick.


Also, limit your use of matte lipsticks, they are extremely drying. If you must use them anyway, make sure you give your lips some good TLC after.


9. Lipgloss

Applying a lipgloss when stepping out keeps your lips protected from harsh weather throughout the day. It also saves you the stress of constantly reapplying a lip balm (I personally don’t mind this though). If you’re like me and you don’t mind reapplying or you don’t like lipgloss, please gladly stick to the balms. But they shouldn’t be bare.


10. Repeat from Step 1!



See simple and easy lip care routine, no stress, or any extra Orishi-rishi. These are practical things you can incorporate into your daily routine and it costs little to nothing.

But apart from this, you should also make some lifestyle changes and quite certain habits in order to fully appreciate your lips.


Do you have a step different from this in your care routine? Please share.


And if you’ve tried any good pink lip cream, we’d like to know!
















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