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In the world we live in today, society has created certain standards of beauty. In the 90s the standard was the skinnier you are, the more beautiful you are. Now the thick girls are it, the more flesh you have on those bones the more appealing you are. Trends change, beauty standards are altered. That’s why I always stress this: love yourself, we’re all beautiful. Our ‘flaws’ add up to make us perfect. Take dimples for example. In reality, it is a flaw, but it adds up to the rest of us perfectly.

Let’s also face the reality at hand. Most women are not as satisfied as they’d like with certain parts of their body, and that’s normal because we’re all human. Some of us spend our lives working towards loving every bit of us, some succeed while others don’t. The other that don’t succeed, seek other methods to get the body they’ll love. There are various methods for this: Surgical enhancement, body enhancement products like creams and pills, and finally the most daunting option: exercise.

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In this portion of my diary, I’m going to be focusing on the middle ground between exercise and surgery. It claims not to be as stressful exercise nor does it take as long achieve. It’s also a lot cheaper than surgery but not as instant plus supposedly risk-free. Body enhancement products are becoming increasingly popular each day as more people, male and female, strive to get their ‘perfect’ body. But how well do they work? Are all these claims true? What’s the science behind it and most importantly, are there any long-term detrimental side effects? You’ll find out soon.

What are Body Enhancement Products?

As we all might have already guessed, these are substances we digest (mostly pills) or apply on certain areas of our body to help us gain few curves (or inches) here and there. If you’re also interested/confused about slimming products check my other post.
There are two categories of body enhancement products I’m going to be focusing on today. The pills and the creams. Most times, manufacturers market these two together. With claims of a faster result if used at the same time.

The science behind them…

Creams (Topical Application)

These products are supposedly made up of vitamins, minerals, herbs, or hormones which work to aid fat production in areas applied. Basically, it acts as a mini traffic controller, directing most of the fat production to the area you applied.

Pills (or teas and drinks)

These use basically the same logic, but instead of applying this on your body, they are digested. Most marketers boast of their product containing phytoestrogen, which is a plant-based estrogen. Phytoestrogens are chemicals derived from plants such as: soybeans, oats, beans, fenugreek, etc. By latching onto existing hormones, it supposed to affect the way they work. Thereby facilitating the production of more estrogens in the desired part of the body.
All these are claims that have yet to be scientifically proven.

Do they really Work?

YES and NO.

The ‘NO’ is that it’s not really the fast, stress-free method these companies try to sell to you. As much as we’d all want a quick fix for all our needs, including a curvier butt, it just isn’t real. There’s no fast route to anything. Even the surgical option involves a lot of risks and procedures, not to mention a dent in the bank for some. I did a little further research and asking around. Turns out the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed no breast enhancement product has proven truly effective. The sad part about all this is that there are no laws established to curtail the sale ‘beauty products’, giving products like this free reign.

‘YES’ because following the logic behind it should actually work, but just to a tiny microscopic degree. There won’t be any magic like, ‘rub a dub dub sit at home and in 7 days your bum/boobs will dubb’. None of that. Looking further into the use of estrogen, this is a known hormone responsible for an increase in the size of certain areas of the body. These estrogens can be found in contraceptives or other hormone therapies, and phytoestrogens. Therefore, if we follow logic, they should work temporarily but there are risks that come with certain levels of consumption of estrogens. Which leads us to the next point.

Side Effects (Long term?)

Breast Cancer

Yes, the big and dreaded C. In recent research and as I mentioned in my earlier post, estrogens have been linked to several cases of cancer in women. Although they are natural hormones vital for sexual development, and various other body functions. Higher amounts of estrogen in the blood than necessary can lead to an increased risk of cancer.
Body Enhancement products usually contain that unnecessary large amount of phytoestrogen to give that risk a good head start.

Further Health Complications

These products are packed with excess plant extracts to increase the estrogen content. This might not mix well if you’re already on some prescribed medications already. The high amount of estrogens contained can cause a negative side effect if you have an existing medical condition or taking any sort of medication.

Skin Reactions

As a result of its wide plant-based composition, a product can once again pose a threat. This time though to your skin, especially with topical application. Your skin might not agree with some of its content which is why you must always read the skincare product label before you dive to the checkout.

Should you really buy them? (Verdict)

So far, we’ve come to understand that scientifically, these products haven’t shown us proof of credibility. Despite that, there seems to be hope of a positive but temporary result. Sadly, this also comes with its variety of risks. I wouldn’t advice anyone to put all their hope in any of such a product but if at all you choose to go ahead and use one, make sure you have certain things covered.

1) You trust the product brand and manufacturers.

2) Make sure it’s a veritable brand anyone can attest to and not some ‘miracle brand’ with some wonder cream or pill.

3) Ensure you check the product label to ensure you don’t react to anything in there.

4) Ensure you follow up with proper exercise and diet. (Really no easy way around this babes)

5) If you have a present medical condition or are on any medication, make sure to check with your doctor if it’s safe to use

6) If you can, avoid them completely!

I hope this post was helpful to you. The sad truth is that these enhancement products are yet another marketing scheme by the beauty industry to make women everywhere feel less of themselves and strive to attain the standards of other people created through expert computer airbrush skills and eating disorders. Love YOU my lovelies and do YOU. Personally, I can’t recommend any of such product for you to try but you could always go the healthy diet way. And you will -although not instantly- see some changes.

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