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Heyy! I’m Dawn and welcome to my blog! For a long time now, I’ve come to fall in love with skincare. I lean towards the all naturals and organic routes rather than the chemical based variations.

As my addiction for skincare grew, my love for Nigerian made skincare products grew with it. I figured, why not use products made by people that can actually relate to my skin’s needs and what it goes through.


Unfortunately, starting out that journey was not an easy task. As I usually rely heavily on trusted and credible reviews from people that know the ropes before I make a purchase. This was something very hard to come by, since most Nigerian skincare producers lacked this particular platform.

I’m aware there are a lot of people facing this same challenge I faced before, hence I created this platform. To share with you how my journey has been thus far and give you the guide I lacked when i started it.



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