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4 Natural Acne Remedies From An Expert



Have you ever fallen prey to natural acne remedies that just make matters worse for you?

Yup, I know! We’ve all been there at least once in our lives.

Recently I got talking with an Esthetician. She worked with Body Care for More than 7 years before breaking off to start her own. I asked her about natural remedies; her take on them and anyone she could recommend for people dealing with acne.


According to her, for people with acne-prone skin and sensitive skin, it is best to play it safe. Your skin is easily irritated and your best bet is something effective but gentle with your skin. You need to be careful with what you apply, even if it’s natural as some of us easily react to certain ingredients.


Even without allergies, some ingredients might not be good for your skin. She stressed the fact that every skin is different and handles these things differently.


With all this being said, here are some natural acne remedies she recommended.


Aloe Vera

I wasn’t so surprised by this natural remedy. I remember when I was younger, and I had a burn or bruise, my aunt would get the Aloe Vera plant, cut it open, and smear it over my skin. Aloe Vera has a lot of antibacterial properties, she said. It is very good for calming your skin of rash or pimple inflammation.


She also added that if you’re dealing with acne spots, Aloe Vera can be very useful to gradually lighten those spots left behind. But she warned that you should check (test on a portion of your skin) if you react to Aloe Vera before applying. According to her, even if you don’t have acne, Aloe Vera is effective to prevent it and keep the skin calm and glowing.


Further research on my part shows that Aloe Vera is noncomedogenic, with a comedogenic rating of  0. This is something you should be mindful of with acne-prone skin. You don’t want any comedogenic substance clogging your pores and aggravating pimples.


How to use Aloe Vera

  • Get the stalk of a fresh Aloe plant
  • Cut it in half and apply the gel on your skin
  • Leave it to sit overnight or few minutes (depending on how much time you have)
  • Wash your face with warm water after


To better enhance its effects, put it in your fridge to chill a bit. She also advised ensuring you’re using natural Aloe Vera as it works best. When you can’t find the natural plant, go for the most natural store-bought version available.

You could also mix Aloe Vera with honey.



We know cucumber is excellent for detox water, but according to her cucumber is also very good for the skin. It works to rejuvenate dull skin and treat acne. I can testify to the benefits of cucumber in giving my skin a plump and brightened look. I use it as an eye mask when they look dull (this happens a lot cause of the way my eyes are).

She listed out some benefits of cucumber for the skin…

  • It soothes and has a cooling effect
  • Calms acne
  • Enhances Glowing
  • Plumps up skin
  • Reducing inflammation

She recommended that if you’d like to treat acne and rejuvenate your skin then cucumber is just right for you.

How to Use

Method 1 for acne:

Peel and wash a cucumber.

Cut it into thin slices

Add the slices to a bottle or Jug of water and let it sit for an hour or two (or overnight depends).

Apply this mixture on your skin and allow to dry

Wash it off with warm water once dry

Method 2 for acne

Peel and wash the cumber

Cut it into chunks and blend properly

Apply to skin and let it dry

Wash off with warm water


Method 3 to rejuvenate skin:

Cut your cucumber in thin (not too thin) slices (circles)

Place the slices on your skin (you could also cool the slices)

Put a clean cloth above slices and let them sit for 20-30 mins

Wash your face with warm water


She also suggested adding cucumber water to your face masks for binding.



Another of the natural acne remedies she recommended was banana. She said that banana is not only nutritious to us when we eat it but has a lot of benefits when applied onto our skin. Banana has mild anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pimples. It is also effective for glowing skin and fading spots; it nourishes our skin and keeps it healthy.


How to Use

Mash a fresh and ripe banana and apply to skin

She recommended mixing it with honey, turmeric or other masks

Leave on your skin for 15-20 minutes

Wash off with warm water


Rice Water

Rice water is popularly known for its benefit to our hair in promoting growth, and texture. She said rice water was something Body Care adopted from the Korean beauty culture back then. She recommended rice water as being effective in skincare as well. According to her, it improves the skin’s appearance and calms pimple inflammation. It is effective to repair our skin and also helps those struggling with pigmentation.


How To Use

Unprocessed brown or white rice works fine.

Method 1: Boiling

Thoroughly wash your rice to rid it of dirt and possible chemicals

Add it to a pot with more water than rice and turn the heat on

Wait till the rice comes to a boil, then bring it down.

Sieve the rice

Store the water in a refrigerator for a week or less or use everything immediately


Method 2

Wash the rice thoroughly

Put the rice in a bowl with more water than rice

Allow it soak for 30mins

Sieve the rice

Store the water in the refrigerator for a couple of days


Method 3

For a more potent version, leave the rice to ferment by soaking it in water (opened) for 2 days. Then refrigerate.



She stated that she preferred letting it sit than boiling, but if you’re short on time, boil ahead. She also advised to dilute it first if you let it ferment.

You could use it to rinse your face or use a cotton pad to dab it all over your face. You could also decide to leave it on your face or wash it off.



Last Note

All these natural acne remedies can be applied once a week. Try out which one best suits your skin and stick to it. According to her, these are the best and safest for all skin types, but you could always work with it to target your skin’s specific needs.


Remember, patience is very important, and for quicker results, you might want to add a formal acne treatment to your routine.


Have you tried any of the methods listed?


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