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3 Easy DIY Hydrating Facial Mist

 Facial Mists



We all love a bit of hydration now and then, be it in the form of a chilled bottled water or juice to a cool swim. And many of you might not know this, but your skin loves it too, and your best bet for hydrating your skin through the day is with a facial mist.

Whether you’re going bare-faced or glamming up, facial mists help to refresh your skin and give you a nice, healthy dewy look. Although facial mists don’t work to target any skin concerns, it’s really helpful in brightening up your skin’s appearance and feel while you’re out and about.


DIY Facial Mist


For those of you that are still sceptical about spending good money on buying a facial mist, or you have sensitive skin and would prefer having full control over what you put on it, I’ve compiled these recipes just for you! These are three easy facial mists you can make in only a few minutes and they are just as effective in hydrating your skin and brightening it up.


But please take note, these are all-natural with no preservatives. For some, we’re mixing oil with water. Things are likely to go bad fast. So make sure to make in small quantities to avoid wasting product as you must make a new one every 2-3 days. Store it your refrigerator for a fresher feel.


To start, all you’ll need is a spray bottle or bottles depending on how many you decide to make (the more the merrier). Preferably a small, travel-sized one so it’ll be easy to carry around. I’d also advise getting a dark one (the bottle that is) or covering a transparent bottle with tape.


1. Rose Hydrating Mist

Rosewater has a variety of benefits, from being an excellent toner to an effective makeup remover. It’s also known to be very good for treating acne, plus it’s a major mood enhancer. Because of rose water’s rich hydrating and antioxidant properties, it serves as a wonderful addition to any face mist.


For this facial mist, you’ll need half a cup of water and a 2/3 tablespoon of your preferred essential oil. I’d recommend jojoba oil or rosehip seed oil. Presently, I use mine with olive oil for more hydration.



½ cup of rose water

2/3 tablespoons of your preferred oil (jojoba, rosehip, almond oil)



2. Green Tea Facial Mist

Green tea is also very hydrating and has antioxidant properties. It works to soothe the skin and calm inflammation. It also helps protect our skin from UV rays, THIS DOESN’T MEAN IT REPLACES SUNSCREEN OH!


Now to make this facial mist, you’ll need a teabag steeped in half a cup of boiled water for 15–20 minutes or as long as you like. Let it cool and add 2 tablespoons of tea tree oil.



½ a cup of boiled water

1 green teabag

2/3 tablespoons of tea tree oil



3. Aloe Mist

We all know how hydrating Aloe Vera can be for our skin, I made a post about an estheticians Aloe Vera recommendation. It soothes the skin and helps keep it hydrated. What better ingredient to add to a facial mist??


To make this, you’ll add 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera to 1/3 a cup of water. You can decide to add a preferred oil to this if you like, but I hardly find it necessary.



1/3 cup of water

2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera





Take Note

If you notice, I didn’t add any citric ingredient in it. Citric acid increases our skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, and since you’d most likely be using these mists outdoors, it’s best to stay away from such ingredients.



Preservation and Shelf Life

These facial mists don’t have any strong preservative agent in them and, as a result, can’t last over a week. . To keep them nice and fresh, I’d advise you to store them in a refrigerator when not in use.




Where to Get Ingredients

For the spray bottles, you can find a variety of sizes on Jumia or any local market. I made a post on where to shop natural oils and the likes, help yourself out. I recommend you use natural Aloe Vera but if you can’t get that, go for the purest you can get.




Face Mists are a wonderful addition to our skincare and you don’t have to splurge if you’re not ready to break the bank. A simple DIY recipe can bring you loads of benefits as well. But on the downside, you’d have to remake every 2-3 days.

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